a trainer leading pool exercises

Why Hire a Health Coach?

Last year we talked about what a health coach is, so I’d like to pick that back up and discuss why someone might hire a coach in the first place.

While it’s possible to succeed at something we might initially have reservations about, we’re putting ourselves at a big disadvantage from day one–with a much higher probability for failure–if we embark on something new with a negative or confused mindset.  And when it comes to our long-term wellbeing through diet and lifestyle, there are few other journeys we take that come with such emotional baggage.  Turns out, the “action” part of the human brain is driven nearly exclusively by the emotional center of our brain.  In other words, we rarely make moves without first identifying with a specific emotion, even if it’s subconscious on some level.  So if we begin our path to long-term wellness full of negative emotions, such as fear, resentment, or self-doubt, we’re more likely to yo-yo diet or return to a place we do not want to be that isn’t serving us.

For me, the purpose of hiring a certified health coach, whether for your company, family, or yourself, is to inspire, educate and excite about the unique journey of wellness within we’re all capable of thriving.  Of course it has to start from inside the client.  I look for that spark and dive right in, helping to identify the bigger why, which we discussed last month in terms of goal viability.  Having a coach with an objective perspective on your side, rooting for you, and shining a light on your inner motivation can oftentimes be the missing link in long-term adherence to living our best life. 

So in the same vein of motivation that makes us hire tax professionals, financial advisors, home organizers/cleaners, and car mechanics, hiring a health coach, even for the short term, can help put a life, family, or company wellness program on the best path.  Helping to survey your population, be that a 50 person firm or a family of 5, looks surprisingly similar. Identifying those wellness champions and specific team or individual challenges is an early, but vital, part of the planning process.  It’s all about culture and what we can achieve together through positive reinforcement and lasting habit-building actions.  I’ve never been drawn to the drill sergeant approach to wellness.  I know that can absolutely work for some people, but my focus is always on the long-term, and getting yelled at or held accountable by that type just isn’t my style.  

I believe that aligning ourselves with our bigger WHY is step one.  Step two of learning to put ourselves first–despite what the world might be telling us–is a great act of love as long-term wellness demands us to be at the helm of our own ship.  I can’t steer that ship for a client, but I’m happy to co-captain, be that short or long term, through motivation, education and inspiration along the way.


Clients call me their Culture Coach or Wellness Guru, but my one focus is helping you create lasting holistic organizational well-being.